Just In Case Plan

Be Proactive!

Taking proactive steps to establish your care management team before the need arises is essential for safeguarding your independence and planning ahead wisely. That's where our Just in Case℠ Plan comes in.

Our Just in Case℠ Plan offers an agreement tailored to your needs, initiating with an initial evaluation to establish our relationship and readiness to provide care management services promptly, should the need arise. This comprehensive assessment involves a family meeting and a thorough home visit to assess needs, identify resources, and set achievable goals. Rest assured, we'll gather all necessary information to be fully prepared to address any urgent needs that may arise. Our services are available precisely when and if you require them, ensuring your peace of mind and continued well-being.

The $400 fee includes:

  • Initial assessment and recommendations by ElderCare Resources care manager (including family meeting and home visit)
  • Set up plans in advance for care management and financial services. Build a relationship with your Just in Case team so that we can carry out your wishes. Name decision makers for health care advocate, financial manager, trustee, and estate administrator. Includes consultations, document review, document custody, and
    establishment of fiduciary relationship.
  • The peace of mind that when care partners are away, ElderCare Resources staff can step in to help manage any urgent needs – even after hours, on the weekend, or on holidays
  • (Second person (spouse, partner, etc.) $195.00 extra.)
ElderCare Resources Responsibilities:

  • Gather medical and family information, establish relationship
  • Make a contact plan for emergencies
  • Respond quickly in time of crisis (meet client at the hospital, etc.)
Client Responsibilities:

  • Complete paperwork prior to follow up visit with ElderCare Resources so that we can honor your routine, your choices, and your life
  • Communicate any significant health care updates or changes in contact information